Engineered Limestone Range

W.A. Coral Limestone Pavers ... From the coolest to touch in summer to the warmest tones of winter, our pool paving is trusted by more boutique pool builders in Australia than any other stone

Freo Stone Paving manufacturers its products using only the highest grade raw materials. Innovative robotic levelling, mixing and waterproofing techniques ensures the ingredients and colours are evenly infused throughout the entire thickness of the products.

Featuring the thermal properties of Western Australian limestone, our locally manufactured paver range offers lasting strength, versatility and unmatched cool to touch paving options. But don't just take our word for it, ask a contractor near you what they think of Freo Stone Paving. An honest brand built on fact, not fiction...

W.A. Quartz Pavers ... exposing the colour within

Strong, non-slip and of striking appearance, this paver contains Western Australian aggregate and delivers an individual look that site poured imitations just can't match. Each paver is precisely manufactured and then the face surface is power blasted with steel, exposing the beauty of the aggregate within without washing away the surface strength or integrity.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements including commercial paving applications. A full range of complimentary capping allows a seamless use throughout swimming pool projects, steps and feature walls.

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W.A. Coral Range

W.A. Quartz Range


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Paveset Join Grout

paveset img_5242.jpg img_5090.jpg

Simple sweep in and wet to set.

Use for new or old pavers.

Allowing easy paver removal for:

  • access to water pipes & wires
  • fence/patio posts installations
  • garden design changes
  • extreme stain paver swaps
  • colour matching old sections

Washed white or yellow sand will stain your stone.

Use of Paveset or similar grout powder is recommended to ensure a clean, low maintenance and structurally sound finish.

The gaps between all Freo Stone pavers must remain full at all times to preserve the integrity of the stone, its edges and eliminate sand deposits where weeds may grow.

Use of yellow or so called "washed" white river sand is NOT suitable and NOT recommended for use on Freo Stone products. These sands have properties which will permanently stain your paving particularly when left on the surface or wet. These sands will allow weed growth and will wash out over a short time. Yellow sand (e.g. Plasterers) is only suitable for underneath the pavers as a base to install on.

Any installer proposing the use of yellow or white sand is operating outside of our best installation standards which will compromise your warranty.

Professional completion of your grouting now, will ensure the long term beauty and integrity of your project.

Paveset product information sheet.

Paveset material safety data sheet.



One tube covers approximately 2.5 Lm of 270mm wide beam. Apply using caulking gun.

Cleaning and Sealing your investment

Whilst most of our products do not require sealing, we simply recommend you engage a professional for cleaning after the installation and construction process. If you do choose to seal our products, the following companies have been found to be successful.

  • Coastline Cleaning and Sealing - Jason - 0404 447 299 (supply or supply & install)
  • Santerra Sealing - Jeff - 0418 989 399 (supply or supply & install)

Please be sure to seal your products with the sealers specified by Freo Stone. Wet look surface sealers will break down over time and require reapplication.

Please note that Crommelin sealers are not compatible with our stone and use will void warranty.

If you choose not to seal your product and do suffer an irreparable stain, the beauty of individual pavers means you can simply contact us for info on how to pull out and replace.



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